Wednesday, 11 September 2013

A little bit of fashion

Today I decided that I would do a post on some outfit ideas for this Autumn and Winter. These are things that I would personally wear however I know that this might not suit everyone because everyone has different styles. So before I go on too much and go off track here are some outfit ideas for this A/W.
I think this outfit is perfect for this time of year. The colours may be dark but I think the wine coloured jeans and the khaki parka with the black top just go together really nicely. The bag isn't something I could afford right now (hello I'm only a 16 year old school girl) but a girl can dream right?  As for the other accessories I just thought they looked pretty so added them to this outfit, although I am a bit in love with the shoes...
This look is a little different to the kind of things I usually wear but I love it. The leather skirt and the T-shirt would look so nice together. I'm not 100% sure how cropped this top is but it could either be worn tucked in to the skirt (if it is slightly on the longer side) or over the top of the skirt (if it is more on the cropped side). The parka adds a bit of an extra edge to the look because it has leather sleeves so with the leather skirt you can rock a bit of double leather. The black accessories keep the attention on the clothes and also keep things a little bit more chic.
This outfit is more party than shopping with friends like the other two outfits. This is very black and gold but these colours, in my opinion go really well together. The scalloped edged shorts and the gold embellished top with the ankle boots would make the perfect outfit for your next big party and for me the clutch is beautiful. The gold accessories add that extra prettiness.

Let me know if you like these outfits in the comments below.


Disclaimer: all photos from Polyvore


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