Tuesday, 3 September 2013

August Favourites 2013

Its the beginning of the month again which means it is favourites time!

1. Revlon Matte Powder Blush in 004 Barely Buff
Yet again one of my favourites of the month is not available any more (as far as I'm aware!) but I have been loving this blush recently. I think it is because I have just found the perfect way to apply it. I have been using the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush (also one of my favourites this month) to apply it and it makes me have a really nice colour on my cheeks without it being too strong. I have found in the past just applying it with a regular blush brush doesn't leave any colour on my cheeks so now I have found a way of applying it I will be able to wear it more often.
2. Avon Naturals Strawberry and Guava Shower Gel
I have been loving this shower gel recently because it smells so good and summery. It leaves the scent on your skin for ages and leaves you smelling of strawberries and guava for hours which is perfect. This is actually a new bottle of it as I finished my last one (because it smells so delicious!) and I just had to get a new one!
3. No7 Instant Radiance Concealer in Shade II
For some reason I have had dark circles under my eyes more than normal recently which is probably due to too many late nights this summer holiday. This concealer has been a part of my collection for many years and I love it. It covers my dark circles fully and this colour is a perfect match for me. Another reason why I love it is because of its light consistency which makes it not look cakey under my eyes.
4. Simple Moisture Boost Hydro Mist Spray
I went on holiday this month and to reach my destination I travelled by plane. The air conditioning on planes dries my skin out a lot so I need to use some sort of moisturiser whilst on board the plane and when I saw this in Boots I instantly thought this would be perfect and it was. My skin didn't get really dry after the flight so this is definitely going to be part of my in-flight essentials for a bit longer.
5. Simple Facial Cleansing Wipes
I know face wipes are not the best way to remove your makeup or cleanse your skin but these are really good for cleansing the top layer of skin. I do cleanse my skin with a 'proper' cleanser as well but if this can remove the makeup on the skin then it is going to do something. These are also useful for when you are travelling because they don't take up much room in your suitcase. Also these particular wipes donate 10p of every pack bought to Macmillan Cancer Support and I love buying things which donate money to charity because I feel good for buying something that I need.
6. Rimmel Vinyl Gloss Lip Glosses in Take a Chance (left) and Fashion Icon (right)
These lip glosses are very popular and I think they are the perfect lip glosses because they don't feel super sticky on your lips. These two colours are my favourites from the range and I have been wearing them both a lot throughout this month and have loved them so much that I can see myself using these well into September.
7. Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm in Hydrate
Finally this product has arrived in the UK and I couldn't wait to try it out, except they were always out of stock in my local Boots store but half way through the month (I know a bit of a cheat for an August Favourite but I had to include it in this post!) I managed to find this one and I have loved it. I bought this just before I went on holiday and as my destination was hot and sunny the SPF 20 in this product was perfect for protecting my lips from burning and chapping.
8. Nivea Lip Care Pearly Shine
This product is one of my favourite lip products ever. It is perfect for when you don't want to much colour or shine and it can also be worn under lipgloss. Recently I have been wearing both of the Rimmel lip glosses (not both at the same time though!) over the top of it or just wearing it on its own. Both ways it looks really pretty.
9. Real Techniques Expert Face Brush   
This was on my list of things I had to buy for so long and for whatever reason I never got around to buying it but at the beginning of this month I finally bought it (mini celebration!) and I swear I will never go back to using a regular foundation brush again. This brush makes foundation appear so flawless that it looks like skin because it never leaves brush marks on you skin. This is the best brush ever!!
10. Benefit Hard Angle/Definer Brush
This is the brush I use to fill in my brows recently and I love it. It is the perfect size to achieve the perfectly filled in brow and it is also useful for lining your lash line with eyeliner of eyeshadow. I could not live without this brush now I have it, it is perfect.

There are my favourites for the month of August! What were yours?


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