Thursday, 12 September 2013

Five Favourites: Autumn/Winter Lip colours

It is now that time of year when the leaves start falling and it starts to get a lot colder and the clothes and makeup become a lot darker and deeper. Therefore the lip colours become a little different to how they were in the summer (aka bright and colourful!). I've mention before that I am not a major wearer of lip colours (although I do wear these, some more than others) but I know there are many people out there who do love to have a statement lip, so this post might benefit some of you reading this.  
L to R: Rimmel Vinyl Gloss in Take a Chance, L'Oreal  Color Riche in Pretty Peach, No7 Moisture Drench in Pink Crush, Rimmel Vinyl Gloss in Snog and L'Oreal Glam Shine in Mercury Crystal 
Swatches as above
Rimmel Vinyl Gloss in Take a Chance
L'Oreal Color Riche in Pretty Peach
No7 Moisture Drench in Pink Crush
L'Oreal Glam Shine in Mercury Crystal
Now as you can see from the photos above I haven't got a photo of the L'Oreal Glam Shine Lipgloss. The only reason being every photo I took didn't show that the colour is a very deep berry colour, it showed it a lot lighter which is not an accurate display of this beautiful product so I decided not to include it but the true colour is shown in the swatch above.
These colours sum up autumn and winter for me. The nude to the very deep berry shows that there are many possibilities for lip colour.
My most worn out of these would probably be the Rimmel Vinyl Gloss in Take a Chance because it is so easy to wear and I love the slight gold tone in the gloss. If I'm having a self-conscious day then this is perfect as it is not too, "out there" shall we say.

As of now these colour will feature heavily in my everyday makeup because of my love for them. If you have a favourite lip colour for A/W let me know in the comments below what your favourite is.


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