Sunday, 8 September 2013

Haul: MAC, Soap and Glory, Garnier and New Look

On Friday I went shopping to my favourite place near to where I live in the not so sunny England and I picked up a few things that I needed/wanted. If you read Fridays post you will know that I went to MAC and had a makeover and got some of the products that were used on me. I then went to Boots and got the Soap and Glory product and the Garnier products. Finally I went to New look and got something I have been needing for so long now that I can't believe that I actually found exactly what I wanted. To find out what I am talking about just continue reading!

First I went to MAC and had my makeover (read about it here) and afterwards I chose 4 products that were used on me. The first two I chose go together and they are the Fluidline gel eyeliner in Blacktrack and the 210 Precise Eye Liner Brush. I have never owned a gel liner before so when this was used on me I knew I had to get it. I was also advised to get this brush to go with it because it can apply the gel liner really precisely to your lash line for a thin line or it can be built up to have a more dramatic line. Both of these products are amazing and I am so happy to finally have them in my collection.

The next product is one I usually wouldn't have gone for because you can get really great mascaras on the high street however I adored the way this mascara made my lashes look. My lashes looked even longer than normal, slightly more voluminous and they were separated so they didn't look spidery which is sometimes the case with some mascaras because of my natural lashes being quite long without the help of mascara.

The final product from MAC is the eyebrow pencil in Fling. I am so glad I got this because I was trying to find a new eyebrow pencil but it is so hard to know if the colour will look good or not but because I had it put on me at MAC I knew it looked natural and not like my eyebrows have been drawn.

After my wonderful MAC makeover I went into Boots. I didn't know what I need from Boots but it never hurts to go in and have a look. Every time I go into Boots I have to look at the Soap and Glory section because I have a slight obsession with Soap and Glory. When I was there I realised that I was running out of my scrub (also from Soap and Glory) and thought I would just have to have a little look at the selection of other scrubs they had. And this is how I stumbled across this particular product. It is the Pulp Friction scrub which I have never used before but when I smelt it I knew I had to get it. I am yet to use it because my other scrub still has a couple of uses out of it but I will be using it within the next couple of weeks and I can't wait!
The final two things go together and they are the Garnier Clean & Fresh Refreshing Gel Wash and the Garnier Clean & Fresh Refreshing Scrub. These two products are made for normal to combination skin which is perfect for me because my skin is becoming a lot more in the combination skin category recently which is why I was in need for a new cleanser and scrub. I have now used this for a couple of days but I don't think that that is long enough for me to say whether it is any good so I will let you know in a couple of weeks if I love it or not.

Lastly I went to New Look in the search for a new winter coat. This has been a bit of a challenge for me because I knew I wanted a navy blue one and I hadn't found one that I loved until I saw this one. This particular coat was £49.99 which I think is quite good for something that I will wear pretty much everyday this winter. I like the fur hood detail and the big pockets perfect for keeping gloves in for those really cold days when I always seem to forget to bring gloves with me. 

I am a bit of a shopaholic so I'm sure this will be the first of many hauls. I hope you enjoyed seeing what I have purchased on my recent shopping trip. If you have used any of the beauty/skincare products mentioned, what did you think of them? Let me know in the comments below.



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