Monday, 2 September 2013

Weekly Wishlist: H&M

Sorry about the lack of variety of my last two posts and now this one but I want to start doing 'Weekly Wishlist' posts every Monday so that is why this is going up today. However I promise I have some more variety in the post I have planed for this month. Now that boring part is over let's begin with the first of my 'Weekly Wishlist' posts.
I have always loved H&M but especially recently. Most of my new clothes this summer were from H&M and I was just looking at their website the other day and was falling in love with quite a lot of the things on there so I thought I would share with you what I want to get.

1. I really need a leather jacket as the one I have doesn't fit me anymore and for only £29.99 this is a bit of a bargain. I have seen this in store and it looks really nice for faux leather so I think that this may be the next purchase that I make! 
2. The necklace is exactly what I have been looking for for ages and to finally find one after looking everywhere is great. I would want to see this in store first as I don't know if it will look tacky or not but from what I can see in the photo, it looks like what I have been looking for so I am really excited to hopefully purchase this soon! 
3. Okay, so I'm not a major hat person but I saw this and I think it is because it has a 'C' on it which is the first letter of my name that made me instantly want it. A winter hat is something that I do need so this may be the one for this winter.
4. This skirt is something I have been wanting for sooooo long so therefore I feel that I need to get it not only because I really like it but also I think it is a wardrobe essential that I do not currently own and it will go with almost everything in my wardrobe.
5. I do not wear long sleeved tops very often, even in winter, but I just fell in love with this even though there isn't anything special about it, I just like the casualness of it and the fact that the colours are neutral means that it can be worn with pretty much anything.
6. Red is not a major part of my wardrobe as I don't like wearing it because of my red hair but I do like the colour of it, especially for accessories. So when I saw this super cute little red wallet with the word 'Love' in gold I thought that it was really pretty and looked practical especially as a coin purse for my school bag as it is small and won't take up too much room in my school bag.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I want to get from H&M. What have you been loving from there recently?



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