Monday, 16 September 2013

Weekly Wishlist: Topshop

This week's 'Weekly Wishlist' is from Topshop. I am an avid Topshop fan and have been for a really long time. They always seem to have things that suit my style and the make up is amazing. So when I decided that I would be picking things from Topshop for my 'Weekly Wishlist' it took me a long time to choose just 7 things as there are sooooo many amazing clothes, shoes, accessories and beauty products that it was hard to choose but here are the things I finally decided on.

1. I love collars on tops and dresses and I also love monochrome so if they are in the same piece of clothing I'm going to love it right? Well, yes I do love this dress and I think it could be worn for both day and night, formal and casual so all in all this is a wardrobe staple.
2. Topshop jeans are famously known to be amazing. What I like about them is they don't feel like denim, more like jeggings and are super comfy and well fitted. So other than that I don't have much to say about them other than I really, really love them and really, really want them.
3. I have been longing after a new glittery nail varnish since my pretty gold one went really glupy (sad moments) and a multi-coloured glittery nail polish could just fit into the space in my collection. I have some Topshop Nail Polishes and I think they are really good and at only £6 they are definitely worth getting.
4. Again, like in the case of the dress, this is monochrome and I think playsuits are really cute so this is a win win situation. The slightly baggy shorts are perfect when you're not having a great body confidence day because you don't feel too on show and the high waist of the shorts also will highlight your waist and make you have the appearance of a slimmer waistline. Bonus' all around.
5. Every girl should have they perfect pair of black heels and a pair of strappy sandal style heels are perfect for all year round (although probably better for the summer as they are opened toe). The small platform means that there is extra height to the shoe without it feeling like it has that extra inch or so. In my eyes these look perfect but obviously I would want to try them on before I could say whether they are perfect as they could be the most uncomfortable shoes ever! 
6. Ok so I'm going to admit now that I really don't know when I would wear this but I kinda like it and I don't know why! Varsity pieces are really in and have been for a while now and the longer they have been around the more I have grown to love them. That is about as much as I can say for this other than the fact that I like it.
7. Midi rings aren't everyone's cup of tea but I think that are really beautiful and add a bit of a different look compared to just a regular ring. I love heart jewellery and with the diamant├ęs in the heart shapes it just adds a bit of bling!

There are my favourite things from Topshop at the moment. What have you been loving from there recently?




  1. Love the playsuit and the heels! Great blog i'm a new follower! xx


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