Friday, 20 September 2013

Work, Work, Work

Since most of us lucky people have had to go back to school recently we will be spending more and more time at our desks doing homework and this evening has been no exception for me. As we are spending so much time at our desks we might as well make them look nice, so today I thought I would share some of the Pins I have seen recently of some pretty desk organisation and design ideas.
Pin boards add a cute touch to a boring desk

These could be made out of old tin cans wrapped in wrapping paper
and an easy way to organise pens and pencils

If a pin board isn't for you this simple heart design could be perfect.

I love the fairy lights, I'm definitely going to try this.

Even though this is also a vanity, I like the pink and the decorations
 which could liven up any boring desk.

I'm definitely going to decorate my desk this weekend with some of these ideas so that I will enjoy being at my desk a little bit more than I currently am as at the moment I am just looking at a boring, cluttered area of my room.
Do you have any desk design ideas and if so what are they? Let me know in the comments below.


Disclaimer: all photos are from Pinterest I do not any of them.


  1. the pin board is sooo cute! I actually just finished making a paint chip calendar, I found the idea on pinterest and I love it!

    I nominated you for the versatile award you can check it out here

    The link for the calendar is here

    xx Alicia

  2. Thank you for the nomination. I will do a post on it soon :) The calendar is so pretty as well


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