Sunday, 16 March 2014

Best Cleanser Ever? || Garnier Clean and Fresh Cleansing Wash

Garnier Clean and Fresh Cleansing Wash £3.60
As I mentioned in my February Favourites post (Link) my skin was misbehaving last month. It was breaking out a lot, which was weird considering my skin is always very clear, with only one or two spots every so often. I think this sudden change in my skin had something to do with the fact that I had recently changed my cleanser to the No7 Beautiful Skin Foaming Cleanser for Normal / Oily Skin which I had never used before. To cut a long story short my skin did not like it and went a bit breakout crazy. When I realised it was probably the cleanser causing my skin issues I decided to change back to a cleanser that I had used for about 6 months before changing to the No7 one. Within a couple of days of using this Garnier cleanser my skin had pretty much completely cleared up and was back to its usual state, clear with only the occasional spot.  

I cannot explain how happy I was because I was starting to freak out a bit as I had my school prom the next week and I did not want my skin to look atrocious in the photos, so the fact it cleared up in time was amazing and I'm pretty sure it was because of this product. It may have been a combination of this cleanser and stopping using the No7 one but I think this played a major part in clearing up my skin.
Since I switched to this product I have not looked back and I don't think I will be for a long time. Because it is a gel wash, I find that it makes me really clean deep into my skin, as you have to make sure it is blended all over your face and neck. I tend to apply it when my face is wet, and I apply it in small, circular motions so that every part of my face and neck has been cleaned and cleansed. Then I just wash it off with warm water and ta dah! Your face is clean.
I would highly recommend this to anyone with combination skin, either to just clean your skin or to help get rid of those pesky spots.
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