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High End vs. High Street || Eyebrow Pencils

Left to right: Maybelline Eye Studio Master Shape Brow in Dark Blonde and MAC Eye Brows in Fling

Maybelline Eye Studio Master Shape Brow in Dark Blonde £2.99 || Link
MAC Eye Brows in Fling £13 || Link

First off I would like to start by telling you about this new mini series I am going to be doing here on my blog called 'High End vs. High Street'. Every so often I try some very similar products, one high end and one high street, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to share with you my thoughts on these products and tell you which one I prefer, the high end one or the high street one and I am sure there will be people reading this who prefer high street products to high end products and vice versa so this mini series should suit everybody.
So today I am going to be comparing eyebrow pencils. My eyebrows are one of the most time consuming things when it comes to me applying my makeup as I am always trying to make them appear near to identical. Now I know everyone always say eyebrows are sisters not twins but when your eyebrows are more like long lost cousins than sisters it is a necessity to at least make them look a bit similar, so for me finding the perfect eyebrow product is something I am always looking for, and I'm pretty sure I'm not alone. I have recently been using these two brow products along with a Benefit product (which will be reviewed on here within the next few weeks, keep your eyes peeled) to do my brows and I have been liking how they have been looking, so that is why I am sharing my thoughts on them with you today.  

I'm going to start with the High End product which is the MAC Eye Brows in Fling. I have been using this on and off for about 6 months or so now and I have to admit I am not convinced I like the fact that it is 'retractable' not just a standard pencil. Although it is very useful if you are travelling because you do not have to remember a sharpener but once you have put the pencil up you can't put it back down, making it a bit annoying if you accidentally put it up too far. 
Putting that aside I like the product itself. The colour is perfect for me as it isn't too light or too dark, making my brows look very naturally filled in, especially when you apply it with gentle, small strokes. The lasting power is also very good, so will last for the whole day/night and will not leave your brows with sparse areas throughout the day.
Overall I do love this product although I do want to try one of MAC's eyebrow pencils, since I love the product, just not the fact that it is 'retractable', even though technically it isn't but I'm sure you know what I mean.

The next product is the Maybelline Eye Studio Master Shape Brow in Dark Blonde. One of my favourite things about this product is that it comes with a spoolie, the perfect way to keep your brows under control and to comb them into your desired position/look. Since this is always the thing I forget to take with me if I am going on holiday, so the fact it comes with one is a real bonus.
The product itself is very good as well. I find it is slightly more of a waxy consistency than the MAC one, which some people might love and others may not, but personally I find it is a good thing as it makes it really easy to apply and make your brows look more natural as you can blend it to make the colour look less intense and give you less of a drawn on effect. The colour is slightly lighter than the MAC one as well (see the swatches above) so for days when I want a a 'no makeup' makeup look, this is the brow product I tend to reach for. The lasting power is good however I personally think that it has less staying power than the MAC one, but it is still good enough to not need topping up regularly.
Overall I prefer the Maybelline one as I think it is better in terms of value for money, although I still love the MAC one and do reach for it regularly. As I previously said I would be interested in trying a MAC eyebrow pencil to see if that is better but for now I am happy with the products I have.
Have you tried any other good eyebrow pencils? What are your favourites?
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  1. Love the idea of high end vs high street! And it's great that the Maybelline eyebrow pencil rivals the MAC one. I use the maxfactor pencil but might have to choose this one next.
    Now following you on bloglovin, looking forward to the next post! X


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