Tuesday, 25 March 2014

NOTD: Barry M Texture Nail || Duchess

A few weeks ago I felt like a glittery nail and decided to use a Barry M nail polish that I had never used before, the Textured Nail Paint in Duchess* (Link). I had only ever tried one of the textured nail paints before and didn't like it too much because of the grainy, concrete-like texture, and I am more of a glossy, smooth textured nail girl. However because it was glittery I put the weird texture behind since glitter always has a different texture to your regular nail paint.
And I wasn't disappointed as the colour was gorgeous and the texture did not annoy me too much. It was also very long lasting and did not chip easily, although it was incredibly difficult to remove and took many cotton wool balls soaked in nail polish remover for it to budge a tiny bit, not something you can remove in a rush! Other than that, I loved it and will be using it again many times this spring and summer.
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  1. Removing glitter nail polish is near enough impossible! This colour is such a lovely colour tho, not too bright and crazy glitter, its a bit more subtle.

    Emma x
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