Thursday, 26 February 2015

Some Essie Polishes For This Spring/Summer

Essie Polishes For This Spring/Summer

If I could only use one brand of nail polishes for the rest of my life it would be an easy choice, Essie. If I go shopping the chances of me coming back with one five Essie nail polishes is pretty high! I love their formula, colour range and also lasting power so I thought I would have a look through my growing collection to see which colours would be perfect for the upcoming spring and summer months.

First up is the shade 'Go Ginza' which is a beautiful cherry blossom pink which is almost a pale lilac colour. It is a very simple, understated polish which would look amazing for the spring time when everyone is wearing pastels and pale colours.

Another purple colour, 'Play Date', a brighter colour than 'Go Ginza' but not neon or overly bright. I can see myself getting a lot of use out of this throughout the summer since it is will add a nice amount of summer colour to any outfit, which even in the summer, my outfits are usually not very colourful.

For a really classic and simple nail look or for when I want something really subtle I would have to use 'Mademoiselle'. This is one of those all year round colours as it is such a classic shade and I think this would be especially gorgeous during the spring months. It is also one of those shades that isn't too noticeable if it chips which is a bonus for me as I can never be bother to repaint my nails as soon as one chips!

'Fifth Avenue' is the perfect orange-red shade that I think is a more wearable way of wearing a red polish as it isn't so intense. Another bright shade to brighten up rainy summer days (that is, if you live in a country like England where is rains all year round).

'Bikini So Teeny' is possible one of the most well know Essie nail polishes and rightly so. It is a beautiful cornflower blue with a small amount of shimmer/glitter. This was one of my favourite colours last summer and I'm sure I will be wearing it a lot again this summer.

'Mint Candy Apple' is another one of the cult colours in the beauty blogger world and again I can see why. It the perfect mix of mint green and pale blue, so it is relatively unique in comparison to many other similar shades available. Another great offering for the spring months as it goes along with the classic pastel colours associated with this time of the year.

Finally 'Cute as a Button', which is probably one of the brightest Essie shades I own. This isn't necessarily an original or unique shade, but it is perfect for the summer. It is a pinky-coral colour that I would personally wear a lot on a summer beach or pool holiday.

What nail polish colours do you love for the Spring and Summer months?


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