Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Hair Dilemmas

If you follow me on Instagram than you might already know that I am considering cutting my hair quite a bit shorter. I'm not talking a pixie cut but more of a lob. I got this idea when I was in Amsterdam recently for a few reasons. Firstly my hair has got to a length that I am finding way too annoying to style and wear down so for the most part my hair is in a ponytail or a bun so it almost seems pointless it being so long. Secondly a lot of the people in Amsterdam had a lob hairstyle and they all looked very chic with it. So after thinking about it I hopped on over to Pinterest to find some sort of inspiration of what I want my hair style to look like. Here are some of the picture that I found and really like.
All of these photos are from Pinterest and can be found on my hair board
My favourite hairstyle of them all is the one in the top left corner and the bottom right corner, both of them are of Arielle Vandenberg whose hair I am absolutely obsessed with at the moment. I really like the layers and the length of her hair and I think it would be a little more manageable if my hair was this length rather than current length I have.

I have a few weeks until my next hair appointment to decide if I want to go through with this hairstyle or not although I am very tempted. However some days I really love having longer hair and the options that I have with it! I am the worst at making decisions so if any of you can help me with my dilemma I would very grateful. If you have cut your hair from long to shorter do you have any tips? Any help would be greatly received!


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