Thursday, 23 July 2015

Travel Bucket List: Part IV

Today's post is going to be Part IV of my Travel Buck List Series and this one is going to focus on cities rather than just countries so lets begin!


Barcelona, Spain
I have been to Spain many times and have been to various parts of the north, south and central Spain but I have never been to Barcelona. After seeing a few bloggers going to Barcelona recently (mainly Suzie from Hello October) it has made me want to go there even more. The gorgeous beaches look like the perfect place to relax and soak up some sun. Other than sun I would also like to soak up some of the culture Barcelona has as I have heard there is quite a bit!


Vienna, Austria
Austria is another place I have visited many times for skiing holidays with my family. I think Austria is stunning and Vienna also looks like it would be a beautiful city to visit. To be honest I am not really sure exactly what I would want to do in Vienna but I'm sure there are loads of amazing things to do and it would make the perfect city break.


Dallas, Texas, USA
Other than to visit Southfork Ranch from the TV show Dallas (I watched re-runs with my mum, who was a big fan of it when it was originally on TV, a few years back and loved it!) I would love to do some shopping, visit the Dallas Zoo and go to another baseball game, which I loved when we were in America last year. I would love to go to Texas in general but Dallas sounds like a good place to start!


Edinburgh, Scotland
After reading a lot of blog posts about trips to Edinburgh I really want to visit it for my self. I would love to visit Edinburgh Castle, walk through Edinburgh Old town and maybe get a bus tour. Although the only thing that puts me off is the weather, I've heard it is just as bad, if not worse, than the part of England I live in!

Have you visited any of these places?


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