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November Favourites 2015 || Blogmas 2015

November Favourites 2015 || Blogmas 2015

So it has been a while hasn't it?! But I'm back *hopefully* and hoping to try and do my own variation of Blogmas. I won't be posting every day but I have 14 posts planed all the way up until Christmas so expect a post every other day and a few more in between all the way up to the 25th! Today's post is Blogmas Day One and although it is not a Christmas themed post I think it is a good post to start the month off with. So let's get into my favourites from last month.

After the whole strobing thing that happened recently, highlighters have been everywhere so it only felt right to pick up at least one highlighter since my collection was lacking. I picked up this Collection one on a whim as I hadn't heard much about it but it looked like it could do the perfect job. It is a gorgeous subtle highlighter shade that works perfectly for my paler skin and since it is so subtle it can be used during the day without the dreaded glitter ball look.

This has been a favourite of mine for a while now and I always find myself going back to it as it I know it suits me and I feel comfortable wearing it. Being a slightly more glossy finish means that I don't have to worry about it clinging to dry patches on my lips which is definitely a plus for me now that it is winter. I have been reaching for this quite a lot over the past month and I can see myself continuing to reach for it for a while longer.

This was a freebie in the December issue of Glamour magazine (the one with Tanya Burr on the front) and when I saw this as one of the free gifts I had to pick it up. I have wanted to try these lipsticks for so long as I have heard such good things about them. This one is the perfect nude shade as it isn't too pink or too brown and works well with all makeup looks. Another great shade for everyday and one that I can't stop using.

Although I have tried many different concealers over the years for my under eye circles I always end up going back to this one. It is so lightweight that it doesn't crease but it still covers up my under eye circles incredibly well. I always feel like I need something to cover my dark circles but I hate heavy products there so this one is a great alternative.

Since I wear eye makeup almost everyday I need something that will take it all off at the end of the day. I have tried and loved many different ones over the years and a range that I can always rely on is the Body Shop Camomile range as I personally find that these products do an amazing job. This particular product is better for the days when I am not wearing much makeup up as it is very gentle but it really does remove all of my makeup. I much prefer using something like this than using face wipes as I think they do a better job and are better for your skin.

So there was Part 1 of Blogmas and my November favourites. What did you love last month?


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