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Things I Love About Christmas || Blogmas 2015

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With Christmas rapidly approaching I thought that I should do a post on the reasons why I love Christmas. Everyday I am getting more and more excited for the big day and all of the festivities that come with it and I really wanted to share with you my favourite parts of this time of year.
1. Christmas Movies
Whether it is a kids Christmas film like Elf or a rom-com like Love Actually or The Holiday, I love sitting down in the evening with a mug of hot chocolate and watching a Christmas movie since what other time of the year is it socially acceptable to watch Christmas movies?
2. Decorations
If I had my own house the decorations would be up on December 1st, although my family disagree! I love any form of decorations, especially Christmas trees and fairy lights as they make me feel even more excited for Christmas and make your house look really pretty.
3. Christmas Songs
I am a Christmas song lover and as soon as it hits December I will be listening to Christmas songs almost exclusively as my choice of music. I personally prefer the old 70s and 80s classics over newer songs like Wham's Last Christmas, Band Aid's Do They Know It's Christmas? and Wizzard's I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday and as soon as I hear them I am instantly in a more festive mood.
4. Christmas Sets
The beauty sets that come out around this time of year are an amazing way to try new products as you often get really good ideas. Not only that but they make really good Christmas presents for the people in your lives that are a little bit makeup obsessed. This is also a good time of year to stock up on some travel friendly minis as there are usually a lot of handy travel sets available now.
5. The Food
I am a big fan of Christmas food. The meal on the day itself and all of the extras that are enjoyed in the time running up to then. Some of my favourites are Christmas cookies, chocolate boxes (especially Heros) and Christmas themed sweets, because let's face it they taste so much better when they are shaped as a reindeer than when they are not.
6. The Presents
Both receiving and giving presents is fun and buying the presents is also something I enjoy doing. Although I find it quite difficult to find the perfect gift for some people, I enjoy going Christmas shopping as it is like guilt-free shopping which suits me perfectly!
7. The Atmosphere
Everyone is always in a much better mood during the weeks running up to Christmas and there seems to be a happier vibe around as everyone is getting excited for the big day.
8. Christmas Adverts
The John Lewis one is always a favourite of mine as they are always so cute and really amazing however many brands and shops have very unique and festive adverts at this time of year and it does make those boring advert breaks a bit more bearable when the adverts are Christmassy.

Those are some of my favourite things about Christmas. What are yours?


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