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July Favourites 2016

After another little blogging break I am back with my July Favourites. I took another break from blogging as I really wasn't feeling motivated to blog and didn't want to post things for the sake of posting. But I have some more ideas for the next few weeks that I am really happy with and so hopefully there will be some more posts this month.

In other news, I bought myself a new lens (the Canon 50mm 1.8) and it is so dreamy and the photos that I have been taking for upcoming blog posts look so much better than previous photos so I am looking forward to taking even more photos with it, and I think that has motivated me to start blogging again.

Back to the favourites though now and, this month I haven't done much makeup shopping so most of this months favourites are products you will have seen me mention here before with only a few newer products to my collection. So without anymore rambling, let's get into these favourites.
July Favourites 2016, NARS, Maybelline, L'Oreal, Topshop, Seventeen, Rimmel
An old favourite of mine that I keep coming back to. As the weather is a little warmer right now, my skin does have a tendency to look a little oily, so this powder helps eliminate that look and with a light dusting, any dewiness from your base product can still be visible, just without the oily look, which is exactly what I want. I like the consistency of this powder as well as it is really finely milled and so sits really nicely on the skin, without looking cakey or heavy. This has been an essential for my everyday makeup this month.

This is a new addition to my makeup collection and was picked up on a bit of a whim. After a #bbloggers chat a few weeks ago I was recommended a Seventeen concealer but they didn't have any left in my shade in the Boots I was in, so instead I decided to pick this one up and I am so glad I did. There will be a full review of this on Wednesday so keep an eye out for that, but in short this is the perfect concealer for covering spots and discolouring and is great for brightening under your eyes. I love that this also comes in a pale enough shade, even for me and it also doesn't oxidise as the day goes on like so many other 'pale' concealers. 

This is definitely the only contour product I have been using recently, simply because it is so easy to use. You just swipe the darker shade onto anywhere you want to contour and the lighter shade onto anywhere you want to highlight and blend it in. It is also really buildable and you can really build it up if you want a stronger contour, or just apply a small amount for an everyday look.

I picked this up last summer and although I loved it for a while after I picked it up, other products took my attention and so this was pushed to the back of the drawer. But this month I thought I should use it again and I have remembered how much I loved it. The shades are really wearable and there is the perfect mix of shimmery and matte shadows. I took this away with me on holiday recently and it really was perfect for all different eye looks that I wanted to create. There also isn't a shade in this palette that I don't use regularly and, let's face it, it is quite an aesthetically pleasing palette.
July Favourites 2016, NARS, Maybelline, L'Oreal, Topshop, Seventeen, Rimmel
Another L'Oreal product that I can't get enough of. This foundation has been one of the only base products I have been reaching for, for the past month or so as it is the perfect base for me. I am not a fan of overly full coverage foundations and I like my skin to still look like skin with makeup on and this ticks all the boxes for me. Although the coverage is pretty good (and buildable), it isn't overly full coverage or heavy on the skin and the finish is such a gorgeous dewy one, which is right up my street.

I think it is pretty obvious by now that I love glowy skin. Whether that is glowy foundations or tinted moisturisers or glowy highlighters I want my skin to look glowy and dewy rather than matte. My latest additions to my highlighter collection are the Topshop Glow Pots in Polished, the paler, cooler toned one, and Gleam, the warmer, more golden one. These are the perfect cream formulas and are so easy to blend into the skin and although you could go a little crazy with these highlighters, with a light hand they can look really natural.

This has been my most reached for lip product recently. This is another one of those shades I would describe as a your-lips-but-better shade and is perfect for an everyday look. I really like to apply a really light layer of this all over the lips and then blending it in with my fingers to give more of a tint to my lips. I have the little mini version of this and it is the perfect product for on the go as it is really compact (even the full sized ones are compact) and the lid doesn't feel like it is going to fall off.

Those were my favourites for the past month, what have you been loving recently?


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