Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Review || Seventeen Stay Time Concealer

Concealer is one of the makeup products that I struggle the most to find one that works for me. Not so much in terms of consistency, as I am not very picky with that as long as it sits well on the skin and is easy to blend, but more so with the shade. Being a very pale girl, drugstore concealers tend to be a little on the darker side and even the palest shades often don't match up to my skin tone, and they end up being quite pink or orange when they dry. So you can imagine my excitement when I discovered that the Seventeen Stay Time concealer is pale enough for me and doesn't turn pink or orange as the day goes on.
Review || Seventeen Stay Time Concealer
Honestly, it has been a while since I have used anything from Seventeen, for no reason whatsoever, it just hasn't been a brand that I have tried for many years, but after trying this product I feel that I need some more of their products in my life. 

The stay time concealer has a classic doe foot application, which is my favourite type of concealer application as I find it the quickest and easiest to use. It also has a really lovely creamy consistency that is really light on the skin and is easy to blend so there is no need to tug at the skin to blend it in. The coverage is really good too and only on really prominent spots do I find that I need to do an extra layer.
Review || Seventeen Stay Time Concealer
I use this concealer to conceal everything and anything. I find it works really well on spots, discolouration and it also sits really nicely under the eyes as it isn't thick or heavy so doesn't crease at all.

Seventeen claim that this concealer will stay in place for 18 hours and, although I haven't tried it out for that long, I can say that the lasting power is really good and I don't find that I need to do any touch ups throughout the day.

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