Sunday, 2 October 2016

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Instead of a monthly favourites this month I thought I would change it up a bit and do a favourites which is a bit more focused on lifestyle than beauty, simply because I haven't got anything new in my beauty favourites and I have mentioned the products I have loved recently loads on my blog already.

I started watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix a couple of months ago but it hasn't been until recently that I have really been obsessed with it. I can sit for hours on end watching this show and it has definitely become one of my favourite TV shows at the moment.

Sticking on the theme of TV shows, I have been loving the TV series Our Girl with Michelle Keegan. I watched the previous series with Lacey Turner but I think this one is even better and I never want the series to end. It is a completely different type of TV show to my normal favourites but it is definitely something I am glad I started watching.

I am so glad that it is now Autumn. I think this might be my favourite time of the year, and even though I love summer, I think I love Autumn a little more. I am a big fan of chunky knits, coats and scarves so now I can wear these things again, I am very happy. I also love the food around this time of the year like roast dinners, stews and soups, so even though summer is over I am not too bothered.

Over the past couple of months I haven't been posting very much on my blog for many reasons but mainly because I have been so busy that I haven't had the time or the energy to get a blog post written. After results day when things didn't quite go to plan, I have been busy sorting out my plans for my unexpected gap year and also looking into reapplying for university for next year. Although at the time of my results I thought they were the end of the world, looking back now I am so glad things didn't go according to plan as now I think I will be applying for a course that I really will love, rather than one that I  might not have liked.

My Autumn/Winter wardrobe is definitely a lot bigger than my Spring/Summer one but there are definitely more pieces I need to add to my wardrobe this season. So recently I have been doing some browsing on online shopping websites (wishlist coming soon!) and I can definitely say that I will be making quite a few orders over the next few weeks. Luckily for my bank balance I got a few gift cards for my birthday!

So, there are a few of the things I have been loving lately. What have been some of your favourite things recently?


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