Saturday, 31 August 2013

Products I want to try: High End

These are products that I have been wanting to try and maybe by doing this post it might make me actually go and get them (although not all at once because all together they cost £145!) But anyway here are the products I want and why I want to try them out.
As soon as I found out that Benefit was bringing out a new primer I knew I would want to try it . That is because Benefit is one of my favourite high end makeup brands out there and most of the time their products are amazing and do what they say they will do. This primer is supposed to help your makeup stay on your face for 15 hours and to help give your skin a fresh, flawless, natural look.
Everyone who has used this that I know loves this product and YouTubers and bloggers always rave about how fabulous it is so I figured I have to try it. It is always the product that I tell myself that I will buy but I never get around to getting it. It is said to give a healthy glow and as Laguna is the lightest of the three shades available it will be perfect for my pale skin to give it a nice healthy glow.
When I was in my local Benefit store getting my makeup done I had this used on me as a primer and it made my skin look so smooth and pore free. My pores aren't very big so they aren't a major skin concern but if there is a product that can help make the ones I do have appear invisible then it is worth getting, right? It also helps your makeup stay put and with its oil free formula it will help stop any oily areas of my face from looking oily.
Personally tinted moisturiser is the perfect way for me to get enough coverage for my skin without feeling like I'm wearing too much makeup. This is another product that people have loved on YouTube and on blogs so I really want to try it out as finding the perfect tinted moisturiser is a bit of a challenge as there isn't a very wide selection of them compared to the selection of different foundations or concealers. This product not only says it gives a healthy glow and a natural appearance but it also has SPF20 in it so that saves a step in my skincare routine.
I am in love with all three of the Naked Palettes but for me this one is the best because this one hasn't got the two blue eyeshadows from the original Naked Palette which I know I wouldn't use and the Naked Palette 2 is shimmery compared to the Naked Basics Palette which is matte. This also comes with a mini lipgloss and double ended brush, which for once isn't just a sponge tip applicator like in most eyeshadow pallets.  

So these are the current products that I want to try but no doubt this list will become longer as more amazing products come out!


Thursday, 1 August 2013

July Favourites 2013

I still can't believe that today is the first day of August. How has this year gone so fast?! But putting that aside it does mean that it is favourites time, so here are my July favourites for 2013! :)

1. No7 Moisture Drench Lipstick in 11 Waterlily
Now I'm not 100% sure if this is the exact same product as the one on the Boots website because the Waterlilly on there is slightly more pink than my lipstick however I absolutely love this product especially recently because it is bright enough to be the perfect summer colour for me without being too bright as I am not great when it comes to wearing bright lipsticks. I have been wearing this whenever I go out for a meal with my family or just to go shopping with friends and I feel put together without looking as though I tried to much.
2. No7 Sheer Temptation in 15 Tempt
Unfortunately I think this product has been discontinued or it was limited edition as it is not on the Boots website however I have been loving this product so much recently because it has SPF in it so it protects your lips from becoming chapped and also it is quite glossy but not sticky so it means I don't have to wear a lipgloss over the top of it because it basically already has it in it!
3. GOSH Velvet Touch Eyeliner in Black Ink
This is the best eyeliner for summer because it is waterproof and smudge-proof which is exactly what you need when the weather is hot and also suitable for the pool or the beach and as a bonus it actually does what it says on the tin rather than many products I have tried over the years that say they are waterproof and as soon as you go underwater they smudge and run down your face! I have been wearing this pretty much everyday this month. That is when I'm not wearing the next product which is...
4. Barry M Kohl Pencil in No.26 Grey
This is my other favourite eyeliner that I have been wearing a lot this month. I wear this when I want a slightly softer less harsh look. This is very pigmented and stays all and you can also wear it on the waterline which is a bonus. This product is also really cheap so it is definitely worth getting.
5. Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine in Grapefruit
Barry M nail polishes are always amazing and this one didn't fail to impress. It is such a summery nail polish colour and I love wearing it. Although in my picture it looks slightly more like another one of the Gelly nail polishes in the colour Papaya the one I have is very bright pink but sadly in this picture it doesn't look it :(. It lasted for about a week with a topcoat without chipping so perfect for when you don't want to be re-doing your nails all the time.
6. Neutrogena Visibly Clear Blackhead Scrub
When the weather is hot and your face gets oily you need to have a good skincare routine in order to avoid breaking out all over your face with spots and blackheads and to avoid having super oily skin. Insert this product. Although it doesn't say that it will prevent spots and oil for me it does and of course it also does what it say, gets rid of blackheads which is my major skin problem. For me they are worse in the summer so I have been using this face scrub every morning in the shower and because it does all of the things i have just said it does it means I don't need to wear much face make up which is just a bonus in this hot weather (there is nothing worse than having foundation smudge down your face in the heat!)
7. Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance Leave-in Conditioner
I swear this product is the best hair product for summer because 1. it helps my hair from being frizzy, 2. it helps protect my hair from the chlorine, sea salt and sun damage because it re-hydrates it and 3. it smell AMAZING!! I don't know what I would do without this product.
8. Maybelline The Colossal Waterproof Mascara in Black
Every year I try a new waterproof mascara and every year they fail to impress but this year I may have found the one that I will continue to use. This mascara doesn't budge all day and even when I go swimming it doesn't end up all around my eyes. It helps to make my lashes long and full of volume and I have been wearing this every day this month.
9. Nivea Sun cream Protect and Refresh SPF30
SPF is something you should wear all year round but especially in the summer to protect yourself from sunburn, premature wrinkles and skin cancer. Not only does this protect your skin it also has a cooling spray in it so that when you apply it you cool down and don't feel so boiled in the heat. I love this product and will be taking this on holiday with me because it saves me from having to pack both sun cream and cooling spray in my suitcase meaning there is extra space for maybe another pair of shoes?
10. Percy and Reed Splendidly Silky Moisturising Conditioner
Even though this is only a regular conditioner I use it as a hair mask and I cannot even explain how soft my hair is after using it. I leave it on wet hair for about five minutes and rinse off with cold water and along with the Aussi Leave-in Conditioner and the product I am about to mention, my hair is extremely soft and frizz free. Without these two products my hair would be a frizzy, straw like thing on my head!
11. John Frieda Frizz-Ease Thermal Protection Hair Serum
This is one of those products that I have been using forever and I do not plan on stopping using it any time soon. I apply this to almost dry hair and it just stops any frizz that might be starting to appear without making my hair look greasy. And as a bonus it has thermal protection so if I want to style it (which I haven't done much this month as it has been too hot) it gives my hair extra protection against the heat to prevent getting split ends.

So there are my favourites for last month!


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