Wednesday, 21 January 2015

How to Stay Motivated to Exercise

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If you read my New Years Resolutions post then you will have read that I want to try and exercise a little bit more this year. Sometimes I am really in the mood to exercise, but I will admit that there are times where all I want to do is sit on the sofa and watch Gossip Girl on Netflix. That is why today I thought I would compile some tips that I have picked up from magazines and fitness websites on how to stay motivated to keep on the fitness road.

I know there were many people out there who said this will be their year to be fit and healthy, and although some will have already thrown the towel in (I know I was in previous years!!), I know that there will be some of you who are really determined to change your lifestyle and improve your overall health and fitness, hence why I have put this pot together today. So let's get on with the tips.

1. Set a realistic goal
So this is something that you probably have already set but having a goal that is achievable for you is really helpful to inspire you to keep going. We all have different goals, whether it is to lose a few pounds/drop a dress size, tone up or simply improve your fitness so having a clear goal will help you to remember why you are exercising. 

2. Follow health and fitness accounts
Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest house many accounts dedicated to health and fitness which can really help keep you motivated to continue exercising. My current favourite is Kayla Itsines' Instagram account. It is filled with inspirational transformations of people who have used her exercise guides, healthy and delicious looking meals and the occasional inspiring quote.

3. Buy the clothes
This is probably my favourite one as it involves shopping. If you have nice workout clothes you are more likely to wear them and potentially wearing them could lead you to actually workout. It's kind of a win win situation right there. 

4. Find a plan and stick to it!
Whether this is a free plan or one you have to buy I would recommend finding one that you think you could stick to. Having a guide to follow can often make it easier to stick to exercising, especially having to buy one because you don't want to have wasted your money! Again, Kayla Itsines has incredible guides, I am currently following her first one and really enjoying it, although it is extremely tough but if you want a free guide Cassey from Blogilates has one every month. If you sign up for her newsletter she will send out the password so that you can access the plan for the month and all you have to do is follow along with the correct video for that days exercises. Super easy and totally free.

I hope some of these tips are useful to some of you, and although I am not a health and fitness expert I personally find these tips really do work.

Have you got any more tips to add to these ones?


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