Friday, 25 September 2015

Some of my favourite bloggers

Some of my favourite bloggers, Hello October, Holly Loves The Simple Things, Coco Chic, Couture Girl

As a blogger I like to spend some of my free time reading other blogs and finding out about new products, recipes and trends. I thought that today it would be the perfect opportunity to share with you some of my favourite bloggers that I read on a regular basis.

I absolutely love Holly's blog and her YouTube channel. She has some amazing style posts and I am always finding new clothes that I want to buy after reading her posts. As I already mentioned I also love her YouTube channel as her videos are so easy to watch and they always put me in a good mood after I have watched them.

If you are ever in need of some blogging tips and tricks, Steph's blog is the place to go. I found her post on blogging, taxes and HMRC particularly helpful as it is a topic that isn't often discussed in the blogging world, even though it is an important matter. Steph's posts also always have me giggling as her personality is hilarious and it really comes through in her blog posts (and her YouTube videos, which are also worth a watch).

Kayleigh's blog was one of the first blogs I read and I am still enjoying reading it to this day. She writes amazing reviews of a range of different products, from makeup to skincare to haircare and she has recently started doing more style posts which I am really enjoying. 

I am absolutely obsessed with Suzie's blog because of two reasons, her photography and her style. I honestly wish I had Suzie's wardrobe and after every outfit post she does I always feel the need to go shopping, although it doesn't take much to make me want to go shopping. I also absolutely adore her food posts that she does featuring restaurants that she has visited recently.

Do you read any of these blogs?


Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Review || Rimmel Kate Moss Nude Collection #DareToGoBare

Review || Rimmel Kate Moss Nude Collection #daretogobare

Back when these were first released in the summer I was very excited to try them. Although I haven't ever tried any of the Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks, I have heard excellent things about them and so when a nude collection was brought out, it sounded like my perfect range.

It consists of 6 nude toned lipsticks and 5 nude toned nail polishes in the Salon Pro formula. The two products I picked up from this collection are the lipstick in shade 45 and the nail polish in Soul Session.
Review || Rimmel Kate Moss Nude Collection #daretogobare
Let's start with the lipstick. This particular shade is a dusty pink shade which I find really flattering for my skin tone. It is an easy to wear everyday shade that is a little different than most of my other pinky nudes. The finish is slightly glossy but it isn't too shiny so the lasting power is pretty good compared to some other more glossy products.

Finally the nail polish, which I think is my favourite out of the two products that I bought. This is not only because I love the colour and is the perfect everyday nude shade that goes with everything but it also lasted 5 days on me without a single chip in sight, which is a very rare thing to happen as usually within 2 or 3 days at least 3 of my nails have a chip on them. The formula also has a really glossy finish so looks like it has a top coat on it, even when it doesn't.

After trying these two products from the range, I really want to try some of the other shades.

Have you tried any of this collection?


Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Recipe || Buckwheat and Blueberry Pancakes

Recipe || Buckwheat and Blueberry Pancakes

Last year when I was in Santa Monica we went to a cute little coffee shop called Cora's for breakfast every morning. On the menu were Buckwheat and Blueberry pancakes and since then I have been obsessed with having buckwheat pancakes instead of regular pancakes. So today I thought  I would share the recipe that I have been using to make them.

To make between 2 and 4 pancakes, depending on the size, you will need:

75g of Buckwheat flour (you can use plain flour if you want to make regular pancakes rather than buckwheat ones)
1 tsp of baking powder
1 egg
75ml of milk
A handful of blueberries
Oil of your choice
Syrup of your choice 

1. Mix the flour and the baking powder in a jug/bowl
2. Then add the egg and milk to the jug/bowl and mix well until the mixture is smooth
3. Add the oil (I used coconut oil) to a heated pan and then pour the mixture onto the pan and add the blueberries to the pancakes
4. Allow to cook until you can see air bubbles appearing and then flip over and cook on the other side
 5. Finally, after placing them on a plate add your choice of toppings you want. I added golden syrup although I would prefer to have maple syrup but we had run out.

Then eat and enjoy!!


Recipe based off of the Dove's Farm recipe

Sunday, 13 September 2015

500 Followers Giveaway

A little while ago I reached 500 followers on Bloglovin'. So to thank you for following me I thought I would hold a giveaway where you could win 2 MAC Lipsticks of your choice. They can be any two colours from the permanent range, subject to availability on and the prize will be paid for myself. 

Terms and Conditions
This is open to people in the UK only, sorry.
If you are under the age of 16 please ask a parent or guardian for their permission before entering.
The giveaway closes on 11/10/2015 at 12am GMT.
Once the winner has been selected I will contact them. If there is no response in 48 hours a new winner will be selected.
To enter, just use the Rafflecopter widget below.
You must be following my blog on Bloglovin' to enter, all other entries are optional.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Good luck!

Monday, 7 September 2015

Review || L'Oreal La Palette Nude - Beige

Review || L'Oreal La Palette Nude - Beige
Believe it or not I don't own an Urban Decay Naked palette, and although I do want one I never know which one to get and I don't really fancy forking out £40 for a palette that I might not like. However when I saw the L'Oreal La Palette Nude in the shade Beige was in the Duty Free catalogue on the plane I decided parting with £15 for a palette was much better then parting with £40!

This palette has been around for a while now and I don't know why I never picked it up before. For me it is the perfect palette housing 10 neutral shades, 6 matte and 4 shimmers so you can literally do any neutral eye look and take it from day to night by simply adding one of the darker shades.

Review || L'Oreal La Palette Nude - Beige
I would have to say my most used shades are the shimmery shades as I love shimmery eyeshadow however I have been reaching for the third colour from the left quite a lot for my crease as it is the perfect blending colour.

The lasting power of these is good, but without a base or primer I find they do fade by the afternoon and don't look as pigmented. But if I use a cream eyeshadow as a base I find they last me all day and don't crease or smudge down my face.

Review || L'Oreal La Palette Nude - Beige
I also think the range of colours is good. Having a good mix of light and dark shades with matte variations and shimmery ones I feel like there is something for everyone in this palette. I can quite easily see myself reaching for this everyday for quite a while from now.

Have you tried this palette before?


Sunday, 6 September 2015

Review || Simple Kind to Skin+ Illuminating Radiance Cream

As a dewy skin lover I am always looking for products to help highlight my skin and make it appear more glowy so when I saw that the Simple Kind to Skin+ Illuminating Radiance Cream was on offer in Boots I had to get it, I mean it was only about £4, bargain! 

This is probably the easiest way of getting glowing skin as all you have to do is apply it to your face like you would your moisturiser (although I tend to focus it on the high points of my face as this is where I want to look highlighted) and blend it in and you can instantly see a difference to your skin. You could also apply this over your makeup once you have applied your foundation for extra glow, however I find that just by putting it on underneath your makeup you get a gorgeous glow that lasts all day.

What I love most about this product is that it is very lightweight and absorbs immediately into the skin so when you go to apply your foundation/tinted moisturiser it doesn't feel like an extra layer, it just feels like you are applying it to your skin. It also contains UVA and UVB protection with an SPF of 15 which means it is a great addition to your skincare routine as you should always wear SPF, even when it isn't sunny.

Have you ever tried this product before?

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

August Favourites 2015

August Favourites 2015, L'Oreal, Lipstick Queen, Essie, MAC, Simple

So I guess that is summer over then? Although I don't even think summer started here in the UK as the weather has been so bad this year. However I managed to get a week of sun last month in Spain so some of this months favourites are very much summer appropriate.
August Favourites 2015, MAC

Although I would always choose dewy looking skin over matte skin I do love a good setting powder as they can help make your makeup last longer and help avoid the oily look. This MAC powder is perfect as it isn't too heavy that it mattifies your skin completely but it does help take away that shiny look and leaves behind a gorgeous dewy appearance to the skin, no oil in sight!
August Favourites 2015, L'Oreal

Although I only got this towards the end of the month, this has quickly become a favourite of mine. I will be doing a review of this product in a few weeks time so keep your eyes out for that, but in short this is a really travel-friendly palette housing 10 nude eyeshadows, 6 matte and 4 shimmery, it is perfect for creating a gorgeous neutral eye look. I find that with a primer or cream eyeshadow underneath these shadows last all day and the shades are perfect for me. For only £14.99 this is such a bargain.
August Favourites 2015

Aloe Vera Gel
After getting heat rash whilst I was in Spain we picked up some Aloe Vera gel to put on it to help calm it down and prevent it from feeling itchy. After a few uses my heat rash was definitely improving and felt a lot less irritated and uncomfortable. A great tip I read a while ago is to put your Aloe Vera gel in the fridge so that when you use it, it is even more calming for your skin. Not the most glamorous of products, but boy was it essential.
August Favourites 2015, Lipstick Queen

Venturing out of the nudey-pink lip look can be something I struggle with. I know what I suit and what I don't and typically brighter colours don't look great on me. However recently I have been reaching for this lip gloss/pen/chubby stick quite a lot. Since it is a glossy formula you can go for a really sheer wash of colour, or keep layering it up to create a more pigmented look. It is a slightly pinky-toned red which I think suits me quite well. Maybe I might be getting braver in the lipstick department!
August Favourites 2015, Essie

Essie Nail polish in Bikini So Teeny and Go Ginza
There is no denying that Essie are my favourite brand of nail polish so it only seemed right that the colours I wore on my nails on holiday were from them. I chose Bikini So Teeny for my toes and Go Ginza for my fingers since both of these colours are very summer appropriate. Bikini So Teeny will forever be one of my favourite polishes not only because it is a gorgeous colour, but it also has a great name. Go Ginza is the perfect pale lilac colour that looks great against my pale skin but I could imagine it would be really flattering if you had darker skin than me as well.

Simple Kind To Skin+ Illuminating Radiance Cream
If you want glowing skin this is definitely the product for you. I have a review of this going up on Sunday so I am going to keep it short and sweet. This is the perfect product to create the dewy, highlighted appearance that I love. Because it soaks into the skin so easily it doesn't feel heavy or make it feel like you have another layer of makeup on. I have been applying this to the high points of my face before my tinted moisturiser and it has really helped me to achieve the glowy look that I want.

So that wraps up my favourites for another month. What products have you been loving recently?


Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Update: Blogging Break, New Design and Name and Blogging Schedule

Hello everyone, it has been a while hasn't it? After taking a few weeks break from blogging I am back with an update post as lots of things have happened recently.

First of all, my blogging break. Although I wasn't planning on having a break from blogging I decided to take a few weeks out whilst I was away to let myself have some time to relax and spend time with my family. Even though I love blogging, not blogging for a little bit was definitely what I needed as I now have a lot more motivation to blog and a lot more ideas. I think I was getting into a bit of a blogging rut but now I think I am out of that, which I am very happy with.

Once I got back from my holiday I decided that what my blog needed was a bit of a re-brand and a makeover. This has been something that I have wanted for a while now as although I liked my original blog name, Gloss, Glitz and Glamour, I just didn't feel like it fit my blog any more. So I have changed the name to Chloe Louisa ( as I think under this name my blog isn't just a beauty blog and it could allow me to expand into other areas outside of beauty a little more than my original name. With this re-branding I have changed some of my social media names. I am now @_chloelouisa on Twitter, @chloe_louisa on Instagram and Pinterest and my email for all contact related to my blog is now I am really happy that my social media names are now a bit more similar as hopefully it will make finding me a little easier than before.

I have also got a new design from Pipdig. It is the Viva Viva template which was only £29, which I think is a bargain considering that it has a lot of features to it. I would highly recommend using Pipdig as they are really useful and reply to your questions really quickly. The setting up guide that comes with the template is also really easy to follow so installing it yourself is possible.

Finally I have decided to do a slightly different blogging schedule. Before the summer I was posting twice a week, on a Wednesday and a Sunday but now I want to post three times a week adding Tuesday to my original posting schedule. Another thing I want to introduce is a 'Sunday Post'. I'm not sure at the moment what I want it to be, if I want a theme to them or not, but once I have decided on one I will let you know.

What do you think of my new blog name and design?

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