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Review || Maybelline Contour Products

Review || Maybelline Contour Products
I love the contouring trend as someone with very little definition in the cheekbone area so, when I saw that Maybelline had a few contouring products I knew I had to try them out. The two products I picked up were the Master Contour V-Shape Contour Stick and the Master Sculpt Contour Powder. With very little in my collection in terms of contouring products I felt like these two would fill that little space in my makeup collection perfectly.

I am going to start with my favourite of the two products which is the contour stick. This is a really clever idea and is made up of two halves, one half is a pale highlight colour and the other is the perfect cool toned contour shade. The consistency is lovely and creamy and quite easily to blend, although I do find it can dry quite quickly so it is best to blend it in as you go. The shade that I have is Light and I find that the highlight shade is light enough, even on me, to act as a highlight shade and the contour shade is the perfect cool, grey toned shade which is exactly what I look for in a contour shade. And even though it is a more grey toned shade, it doesn't make your skin look ashy. I find that the lasting power is relatively good, and it lasts longer if I pair this with the powder product over the top.

I also have the powder in the lightest shade, Light Medium and again, find this works really well even on my pale skin. The powder itself is a really nice consistency and I find it really easy to apply and blend out. I would say that the contour shade is not as cool toned as the contour stick i,s but I still find that I can contour with it, but it can also be used as more of a bronzer. The highlight shade is a lovely shimmery shade which adds that extra glow on the skin and although it is shimmery it isn't over the top. This product does come with a brush but I personally wouldn't use this as it is a little bit scratchy and I don't think it would apply the product very well. 

Have you tried these contouring products before? What other contouring products do I need to try?



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