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Review || Zoeva Rose Golden Complete Eye Set Vol. 2

Review, Zoeva Rose Golden Complete Eye Set Vol. 2, Zoeva, Makeup Brushes
Zoeva brushes had been on my wishlist for so long after reading so many amazing reviews about them on various different blogs, so when I received the Rose Golden Complete Eye Set Vol. 2 for Christmas I was over the moon. It is every stereotypical beauty bloggers dream brush set (it is rose gold for starters!) and honestly I don't think I will ever need another eye brush ever again as this set has every eye brush you would ever need. 

This brush set includes 12 rose gold/pink eye brushes and come in at £65, which is just over £5 per brush, which I think is incredible considering the quality of these brushes. They also come in a really cute little rose gold makeup bag which is perfect for fitting all of your brushes in for when you are travelling, or for storing them in on a daily basis. And even though there are quite a few brushes, I have used every single one of them on multiple occasions and they make applying eye makeup an absolute dream. They are very high quality and I now favour using these brushes over my MAC ones simply because they apply makeup a lot better and are so soft on the skin.
Review, Zoeva Rose Golden Complete Eye Set Vol. 2, Zoeva, Makeup Brushes
Starting from left to right from the top picture:

This is the perfect brush, as the name suggests for highlighting your brow bone. It is a relatively large brush and can also be used for packing on eyeshadow to the lid as well as to the brow bone. 

This is a great brush for blending in concealer on the face and around the eye area. It is a very dense brush and I love using this with thicker concealer products as I find it blends them in really seamlessly into the skin.

I would say this is probably my most used from the set as I use this pretty much everyday to fill in my eyebrows. I find this brush is lot softer than other angled brushes which means it is a lot easier to achieve a natural looking brow. Although I haven't used this brush for gel liner I am sure it would work pretty well for that too and would probably be great for doing winged eyeliner.

This brush is perfect for packing on a lot of colour onto the lids. It can also be used to apply eyeshadow under the brow bone, like the Luxe Brow Light.

Personally, I don't use this for my crease, and instead use this as more of a blending brush. However as a blending brush this is perfect. It allows you to get rid of harsh lines in your eyeshadow without ruining your entire look or smudging your shadow too much.

Again, I tend to use this as more of a blending brush than a crease brush as it is just a bit too fluffy for a crease brush, just like the Luxe Soft Crease. It is very similar in shape to the Luxe Soft Crease and is just as a amazing at blending out eyeshadow.

This is my current favourite brush to apply or blend out cream eyeshadows. The bristles on this brush are more synthetic than those on some of the other brushes in the set so work really well with cream eyeshadows. You can also use this brush to add a more dramatic crease to really contour your eyes.

This is one of those brushes that has been missing from my collection for so long and I am so glad I now own a pencil brush. It is perfect for applying eyeshadow along the lower lash line and also to apply shadow as liner along the upper lash line. I also like using this to blend out pencil liner so that it isn't so perfect looking and has a more smokey look.

Another great brush for applying eyeshadow as liner on the upper lash line. I also really love this to apply a bit of a highlight shade to the inner corner of my eye as it is so tiny it is perfect for this part of your eye.

This, as the name suggests is an eyeliner brush. I really like to use this with gel liner and since the brush is so tiny it allows you to create a really thin line along your lash line. It can also be easily used to create a winged liner look as well.

This is pretty much a slightly bigger version of the Luxe Pencil brush and is really great for creating a cut crease or a more defined crease look. 

This brush really reminds my of the MAC 217 brush and is pretty much identical. I love this for putting eyeshadow in my crease and it is also a great blending brush.

After trying these brushes I have already added even more Zoeva brushes to my wishlist including the Rose Golden Vol.2 101 Luxe Face Definer Brush and the Rose Golden Vol.2 109 Luxe Face Paint Brush, so maybe an order will happen soon...

Have you tried these Zoeva brushes?


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