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Multi Masking || L'Oreal Pure Clay Masks

Multi Masking || L'Oreal Pure Clay Masks
This blog post was supposed to be written and posted when these masks first came out around June/July but for some reason I never got around to writing it until now. However, I really wanted to write about these products as they have become a big part of my skincare routine over the past 5 or 6 months.

There are 3 different masks in this collection: the Purity mask, the Detox mask and the Glow mask and you can use all three of them at the same time on different parts of your face depending on your skin and what you feel like it needs (multi masking). I personally tend to use the Detox mask on my T-zone, the Glow mask on the lower part of my cheeks and the Purity mask on the tops of my cheeks, but I do change this up from time to time if my skin needs something different.
Multi Masking || L'Oreal Pure Clay Masks
I'm going to start with the Purity mask. This mask is for purifying and mattifying the skin which can be really useful if you have oily skin. It contains ingredients that help mattify your skin without it feeling drying and it also leaves your skin feeling really clean.
Multi Masking || L'Oreal Pure Clay Masks
The next mask is probably my favourite of the three, the Detox mask. This one does exactly what it says on the tin, it gives your skin a detox. It helps clean your pores out and this can help clear your skin and leave it looking cleaner and clearer. I use this one the most, especially when my skin isn't looking so good as I find it helps clear my skin up quicker.
Multi Masking || L'Oreal Pure Clay Masks
The final mask is the Glow mask. This one is a different consistency to the other two as it contains tiny beads to help exfoliate the skin. It also contains ingredients that help brighten the skin and is the most hydrating of the three masks (hence the name Glow).

Have you ever tried these masks?


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